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Hypertech Power Tuning tunes the engine for maximum power and performance, plus potential gas mileage improvements.

Top-Speed Limiter allows the vehicle's top speed to be matched to the speed rating of high-performance tires.

Permits the use of low-temperature thermostats to deliver cooler, denser air to the engine.

Delivers firmer, full-throttle gear changes.

Programs are developed based on actual Hypertech lab tests.

Installation is easy - any handyman can do it in under 30 minutes!

Many Ford computers do not contain a replaceable engine tuning chip. That is why Hypertech engineers designed the Power Module for Ford cars and trucks.

The Power Modules aluminum housing contains a dyno-tuned Power Chip that is mounted on a circuit board that easily plugs into the Ford computer's service port.

The Power Module electronically disconnects the stock chip and replaces it with the Power Tuning information stored in the Hypertech Power Chip.

The Power Module delivers the same performance benefits as other Hypertech Power Tuning products.

Spark timing and fuel delivery are optimized for your engine, point-by-point, over the entire RPM range at full throttle.

This produces the most powerful horsepower and torque curves possible

Ford Power Modules deliver more horsepower, higher torque, faster acceleration, and improved throttle response.

1995 F150/250 300 L6 EFI CODE E

Part #: HYP-450831
Retail: $317.52 Price: $254.02

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