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Your Guide to Southern California's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures

Highest, lowest, largest, oldest: Southern California is a land of
superlatives, from the alpine summit of Mount Whitney (14,495 feet above
sea level) in the Sierra Nevada range, to the salty pool at Badwater
(282 feet below sea level) in the depths of Death Valley; from groves of
giant sequoia trees standing more than 250 feet tall, to desert plants
more than four thousand years old. To help you explore these sites and
dozens more, "Backroads of Southern California"—written and photographed
by a local expert and tour guide—features spectacularly varied and
vibrantly seductive backroads and showcases the compelling scenery and
colorful history in the lower half of the Golden State. Whether you’re
planning a day trip, looking for unusual destinations, or simply want to
learn more about the region, "Backroads of Southern California" will
lead you deep into the soul of the southern part of the state—beyond the
bustling cities and common tourist attractions.

Author/Photographer Dave Wyman is a professional photographer and
freelance writer based in Los Angeles. He is also the author/photographer of
Voyageur Press’s "Backroads of Northern California," he has published
articles and photographs in such publications as "Backpacker," "Outdoor
Photographer," "Outside," and "Sierra." Wyman also owns and operates
Image Quest, a natural history and photography tour company.

AUTHOR: Dave M. Wyman
PUBLISHER: Voyager Press

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